Offering innovative solutions for all your needs:

Our Glass Processing Plant

Offering innovative solutions for all your needs:


Offering innovative solutions for all your needs:

Curved Glass

Crafting Clarity for Champions:

Padel Tennis Court Glass

Flawless production :

Shower Cabin Glass

Architects' Choice:

Flat Glasses Combining Durability and Aesthetics.

Wenfrod: The Address for Innovation and Excellence in the Glass Industry

Wenfrod operates under AYD Grup Glass Industry, offering innovative and sustainable glass production solutions as a leading brand. Our establishment is equipped with high-quality float glass production lines, providing flat glass of high standards to the global markets. Wenfrod aims to become an international force not only in glass production but also in processed glass, aluminum profiles, PVC profiles, and other related industrial products, thanks to its expertise and innovative approach in the sector.


Quality and Innovation Shaped by a Global Vision: Wenfrod

Glass Manufacturing

Wenfrod offers aesthetically pleasing and durable flat and custom-designed glass products with innovative production technologies.

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Wenfrod stands out with its processed glass products like colored, reflective, and laminated glass, adding value to spaces with customized solutions.

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Wenfrod represents quality and excellence worldwide with its products that meet international standards and its extensive distribution network.

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With reliable and efficient logistics solutions, Wenfrod ensures the timely and safe delivery of its products worldwide.
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