Wenfrod Introduces Tennis Padel CourtGlass Setting New Standards for theGame of Padel

Wenfrod has begun the production of its Tennis Padel Court Glass, a new favorite in the
world of sports. Also known as Padel Glass, this special type of glass is designed for use in
the construction of padel courts. Typically tempered, this glass is processed to enhance
durability and safety, allowing it to withstand the high impact and stress conditions of the
Wenfrod’s Tennis Padel Court Glass Brings New Standards to the Industry
This specialized glass solution is becoming the preferred choice among sports facilities and
clubs with the rising popularity of padel. Wenfrod's Tennis Padel Court Glass aims to
contribute to the development of the sport by providing padel players with optimal
performance and safety.
Officials at Wenfrod, who quickly recognized a gap in the market and started production of
the Tennis Padel Court Glass, said, “We are able to keep up with orders swiftly without any
logistical issues, and we have sufficient stock of the product. We provide a continuous supply
guarantee for our Tennis Padel Court Glass, enabling us to respond quickly and effectively to
our customers’ needs.”