AYDGRUP Float Glass Industry Co Launches WENFROD Brand for Processed Glass

In a significant development for the glass industry, AYDGRUP Float Glass Industry Co has officially launched its new brand, WENFROD, specializing in processed glass products. The company, renowned for its expertise in float glass production, aims to expand its market presence with this latest venture.

AYDGRUP Float Glass Industry Co, known for its commitment to quality and innovation, supplies a range of processed glass solutions under the WENFROD brand. These products include tempered glass for shower cabin, stairs, railing, padel courts and etc., laminated glass, coated glass, and other specialized variants catering to diverse architectural and industrial applications.

The company’s decision to enter the processed glass market comes amidst rising global demand for advanced glass solutions that blend functionality with aesthetics. By leveraging its extensive experience and infrastructure, AYDGRUP aims to carve a niche for WENFROD as a trusted name in the industry.

Looking ahead, AYDGRUP Float Glass Industry Co plans to expand its product line under the WENFROD brand, introducing innovative solutions that cater to emerging trends in sustainable construction and design. The company remains committed to fostering partnerships and driving technological advancements that elevate standards within the global glass industry.

For more information about WENFROD and AYDGRUP Float Glass Industry Co’s offerings, visit their official website www.aydglass.com  or contact their customer service team.