Wenfrod: The Address for Innovation and Excellence in the Glass Industry

Wenfrod operates under AYD Grup Glass Industry, offering innovative and sustainable glass production solutions as a leading brand. Our establishment is equipped with high-quality float glass production lines, providing flat glass of high standards to the global markets. Wenfrod aims to become an international force not only in glass production but also in processed glass, aluminum profiles, PVC profiles, and other related industrial products, thanks to its expertise and innovative approach in the sector.

As part of AYD Grup Glass Industry, Wenfrod represents the group's excellence in production and quality understanding in international markets. This representation is not limited to the quality of our products but also encompasses our values of customer satisfaction, innovation, and sustainability. At Wenfrod, we aim to offer the best service to our customers by adopting the latest technologies and production methodologies in the industry.

In the near future, Wenfrod plans to launch new production projects to expand its product range. These new projects are shaped in line with our principles of innovation and sustainability, designed to respond to the latest trends in the industry and the needs of our customers.

At Wenfrod, we embrace the principles of environmental sensitivity, adherence to ethical values, and customer focus in all our activities. In line with these principles, we aim to provide high-quality products to our customers worldwide while creating a more livable future for our planet.

Aiming to secure a strong position in the international market, Wenfrod closely follows innovations in the industry, investing in continuous development and improvement processes.

With the strong infrastructure and extensive production capacity of AYD Grup Glass Industry,, Wenfrod is taking confident steps towards becoming a leading brand in the glass and glass products sector. With our innovative products and sustainable business models, we aim to redefine the standards in the industry and add value to the lives of our customers. At Wenfrod, we are determined to initiate a new era in the glass industry with our big dreams for the future and our commitment to making these dreams a reality.

Excellence in Production

The first stage of Wenfrod's quality policy is to ensure excellence at every stage of our production processes. This begins with the use of high-quality raw materials sourced from select suppliers and continues with our production lines equipped with the most advanced technologies in the industry. Our production process strictly adheres to international standards and best practices, ensuring our products achieve a consistent level of quality and reliability. At every stage of production, detailed quality control and testing procedures are carried out; thus, the quality and excellence represented by the Wenfrod brand are delivered to our customers with each product.

Customer Satisfaction and Continuous Improvement

The second stage of our quality policy centers on customer satisfaction, promoting continuous improvement and innovation. At Wenfrod, we view customer feedback as an integral part of our quality improvement processes. Every suggestion, critique, and expression of satisfaction from our customers is evaluated to further improve our products and services. This approach motivates us to continuously meet and exceed customer expectations and to respond quickly and effectively to the changing needs of the market. Our culture of continuous improvement ensures Wenfrod maintains its leadership in innovation and commitment to quality in the industry, contributing to increased customer loyalty and brand reliability in the long term.